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No “reset” with Russia. Trump wants to get along with Putin without using Hillary Clinton gimmicks

Remember when former US State Secretary Hillary Clinton promoted her infamous “Russian reset” initiative complete with a props to signal a new era of US-Russian relations.

As with everything Hillary Clinton did while in public office, the entire “reset” PR scheme was a failure.

The former Secretary of State gave Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a ‘reset button’ that was misspelled…the Russian-language label had the wrong word, and read “overcharged” instead of “reset.”

Much like Hillary’s “reset” spelling, US-Russian relations failed miserably under HRC.

Luckily Donald Trump is not falling for the Obama White House hollywood style of foreign relations, and the hypocrisy that inevitably followed.

In a Tuesday interview with The New York Times, President-elect Donald Trump said it would be “nice” if he could get along with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When asked if he planned to have a “reset” with Russia, Trump said…“I wouldn’t use that term after what happened.”

Trump was obviously referring to the failed efforts in 2010 by then-State Secretary Hillary Clinton to rebuild US-Russian relations.

For its part, The Kremlin also agreed with Donald Trump’s realpolitik approach when dealing with one another. It appears both sides are now focusing on substance and less on outward appearances. This is a welcome departure from Barack Obama’s policy of governance.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday…

“One can agree with the president-elect here: the word itself has actually compromised itself, because the consequences of this reset were not what we would like to see.”

“The term in this case does not matter. The main thing is willingness and demonstration of readiness to normalize relations.”

“I would like to remind you of President [Vladimir] Putin’s words. He repeatedly and on different occasions spoke of the desire to build kind, mutually beneficial relations with the US. That is, in this case the president has always stated that he expects reciprocity from Washington.”

“Hardly anything could bungle these relations. They are at quite a rock bottom. But certainly we expect that the dialogue will resume and will begin a difficult and clearly not a quick process to lead the relations in a constructive direction.”

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