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New York Times busted making up “fake news” about journalist and one time RT host Abby Martin [Video]

By now it should come as no surprise to anyone that the real purveyors of “fake news” are the corporate run main stream media outlets that are deeply invested in the globalist neo-liberal world order.

The two most prominent “fake news” outlets are The Washington Post and The New York Times.

The main stream “paper of records” have been busted numerous times promoting “fake news” stories meant to sour US relations with Russia, hamper a Trump presidency, or in the case of the NYT, push the US into an illegal invasion of Iraq.

RT and Abby Martin (former host of “Breaking the Set”) have called out the New York Times for printing a to of lies about Martin and RT in what was nothing more than a smear campaign by NYT hack journalists.

The NYT’s hit piece on RT and Abby Martin follows the ODNI’s ridiculous report that says Putin hacked the USA because Russia hates Hillary and loves Trump…that sums up how dumb the US media machine fiction spinning has become.

Via RT…

Almost one-third of the US intelligence report is dedicated to describing RT’s alleged efforts to “fuel discontent in the US.” It goes on to accuse some former programs of being overwhelmingly critical of American and Western governments for years. RT talks with Abby Martin, who was the host of one of the shows cited in the report, “Breaking the Set.”

Here is Abby Martin exposing the liars at the NYT…

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