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New poll exposes massive gap between what Americans care about and what media care about

New poll exposes massive gap between what Americans care about and what media care about

Americans are concerned about health care and jobs…35% and 13%.

The mainstream media is concerned with Russia conspiracy theories…75%.

The White House Press Corps continues to carry water for their corporate globalist masters, while Americans just want health care and jobs.

Americans have grown tired and exhausted of the mainstream media Russia collusion narrative.

The Gateway Pundit reports

During an off camera briefing, Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short began the discussion, he expressed his confidence in the President as a man of action:

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Short was direct when explaining the President’s agenda, stating that he will not stop until we can “repeal and replace” Obamacare. Continuing, ”if Republicans cannot find consensus” Trump is more than willing to push for a repeal without an immediate replacement.

“If you’re not willing to move to proceed, you’re basically acknowledging that there’s nothing wrong, that Obamacare’s fine,” Short said. “You can’t pretend that there’s not an explosion behind you.”

Once Sarah Sanders took the stage and opened it up for questions, that’s when the MSM Russia Conspiracy agenda went into hyperdrive. One reporter went as for as to ask for a tally of the exact number of minutes that Trump spoke with Putin; Sanders responded with [paraphrasing] “We didn’t think it was necessary to start a timer when they began talking.”

This only goes to show how crazy the leftist media has gotten, they’re all grasping at all straws attempting to take down a robust and effective administration.

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