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New Poll Shows Scotland Does Not Want Another Referendum on Exiting the UK

Event though Scotland voted heavily in favor of remaining in the EU, a new poll conducted by Survation indicates that Scots are not to hot on the idea of having another go at independence from the UK.

As a reminder here is how the Brexit vote played out across the UK.


Maybe Trump’s recent visit to Scotland, where he talked about the parallels between UK sovereignty and US establishment politics, convinced the Scots that life outside of Brussels may not be so bad. It does appear, for now, that Scotland isn’t ready to begin constructing a wall to keep England out.

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Reuters reports…

The Survation poll showed 44.7 percent of people think Scotland should not conduct a second independence referendum, compared to 41.9 percent in favor of a fresh vote. In September 2014 Scotland rejected independence by 55 percent to 45 percent.

The prospect of a second referendum has been raised after Britain as a whole voted to leave the EU last week, despite results showing a large majority of Scots supported remaining within the bloc in every region of Scotland.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said another referendum is “highly likely” and that Scotland would do whatever it takes to remain in the EU, including potentially blocking the legal process behind Britain’s exit.

The poll of 1,002 people, conducted for the Daily Record and Daily Mirror on June 25, also showed that despite not favoring holding another referendum, if one were to be held immediately Scots would back a breakaway from the rest of Britain. Survation said 47 percent were in favor and 41.2 percent against.

Boris Johnson, the favorite to become Britain’s next prime minister, said on Sunday that he did not detect “any real appetite” for another Scottish independence referendum.


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