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NEW POLL: 62% of Americans say North Korea is a very serious threat

Statista points out that a CNN poll has revealed that increasing numbers of Americans are becoming concerned by the “nuclear” threat presented by North Korea.

North Korea is now only 2 percentage points behind ISIS on the American fear list.

Mainstream media propaganda to “scare the hell” out of America over the “danger” that is North Korea is working to perfection…

Statistics at Statista…

Zerohedge notes

Nearly two-thirds of those polled, 62 percent, say North Korea is a very serious threat while 23 percent think the threat is moderate. Only 5 percent of Americans now feel the secretive communist nation poses no threat to their country.

The poll puts the level of fear into perspective by comparing the threat posed by other states and terrorist groups.

The so-called Islamic State or ISIS is still considered the top threat to the U.S. with 64 percent of those polled saying the threat it poses is very serious. Iran and China are far behind ISIS and North Korea with 33 and 20 percent of Americans considering these nations a serious threat respectively.

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