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NEW POLL: 23% of Russians believe their country is surrounded by enemies

Who do Russians consider their greatest enemies?

A new poll compiled by the liberal, Moscow based Levada Center, shows that 23 percent of Russians believe their country is surrounded by enemies.

Why would Russian think such a thing…

The share of Russians who consider their country is surrounded by enemies is further broken down as follows:

68 percent of respondents in Russia consider the United States a threat.

29 percent of respondents said that Ukraine is an enemy.

6 percent of respondents said that NATO is their enemy, while 3% of Russians consider “corruption” an enemy.

Statistics via Statista.

Zerohedge adds that even though the Russian military is heavily committed to the war in Syria, only 5 and 4 percent of people respectively say Islamic extremists are a threat. That’s less than Germany, the UK and NATO which are all labelled enemies by 6 percent of Russians.

Internally, only two percent of respondents consider oligarchs and bankers enemies and one percent think Vladimir Putin is a threat.

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