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New evidence in #Obamagate. TWO instances of spying on Trump confirmed. Zero connection to Russia found

More facts are coming in from the Trump wiretap, #Obamagate scandal, as reported by John Soloman and Sarah Carter from

The journalists reported that there was a warrant issued for a server at Trump Tower.

The FBI investigation into the server was brief, and resulted in no evidence of collusion or communication. There was no basis for the Russia story being peddled by the Democrat party.

The Trump-Putin connection has been fictitious the entire time the Democrats spread the story that Trump was a target. The FBI was never looking at Donald Trump as part of the Russia hacking investigation. noted

–the FBI and Justice Department received a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant in October to help further the Russia investigation. Officials stressed there were no intercepts of Trump’s phone or emails.

Separately, they used traditional investigative techniques to review a computer server tied to the the soon-to-be-president’s businesses in Trump Towers in New York but located elsewhere.

Agents were examining allegations of computer activity tied to Russia.. Very quickly, they concluded the computer activity in question involved no nefarious contacts, bank transactions or encrypted communications with the Russians, and likely involved routine computer signals.

The leaking (which is a felony) began with outgoing POTUS Obama’s January executive order expanding raw intelligence data to be shared with all 17 intelligence agencies.

Obama expanded Executive Order 12333, Part 2.3C i January. Intelligence agents were surprised by the expansion and immediately saw the impact, as documents that were not supposed to be leaked were being leaked, to the detriment of Donald Trump and his advisors.

The journalists said Barack Obama at least knew of wiretap in December as part of his intelligence briefing.

A week before the election, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid shared much of the wiretap information in a tweet. ran a story the very same day as those tweets, and said a university computer team found the connection.

More information came to light during a Fox News ‘Hannity’ segment, where Sean Hannity noted with regard to the Vault 7, CIA Wikileaks document dump…

Hannity: “They [CIA] can make it seem like it’s the Russians, but it’s them.”

Sarah Carter then came on with this bombshell update on the wiretap scandal, and the Fisa warrants that were (or were not) issued to investigate Trump’s alleged communication with Russia…

Carter: “There was a Fisa warrant in October that was looking at the overall Russian hacking investigation, but that the FBI, when they monitored the server, Trump Tower, it was actually located away from Trump Tower, it wasn’t under the Fisa, they did normal, strategic type of FBI investigations that didn’t require the Fisa.

So they went into the server, but they did not use the Fisa to do that.

They did have a Fisa however, in October, at the exact same time as this investigation.”

Hannity: “Two instances now of spying.”

Carter: “Two, yes, two instances. This is completely new evidence. And remember, we all thought, and everyone had reported, that the server was inside in Trump Tower…the server was not located inside Trump Tower according to our sources.

Hannity: “Would the second issue warrant, whatever the FBI was doing, was that in Trump Tower?

Carter: “That’s what we don’t know now. That opens up a whole slew of questions.”


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