New Democracy moves into election lead in latest poll. Syriza continues to fade

Post originally appeared on Ekathimernini.

According to the pollster, which put SYRIZA ahead by one percentage point almost a week earlier, support for New Democracy is at 30 percent, which reflects a rise of 2.5 points from the previous survey, while SYRIZA is on 29.5, one point higher than a few days earlier.

Golden Dawn remains in third place but its backing has edged down slightly to 5.5 percent. PASOK and Potami follow on 5 percent. The Union of Centrists is still seen entering Parliament with 4 percent but Popular Unity is right on the 3 percent threshold. Independent Greeks is just below on 2.5 percent.

Based on the latest poll results, the University of Macedonia researchers calculate that New Democracy’s support could reach a maximum of 31.9 percent and a minimum of 28.1. SYRIZA is seen getting no more than 31.4 percent but possibly as little as 27.6.

The survey comes two days after the televised debate between SYRIZA’s Alexis Tsipras and New Democracy’s Evangelos Meimarakis. When questioned about who they thought won the debate, 31 percent said Meimarakis, 30.5 percent Tsipras, and 34.5 percent felt that neither emerged victorious.

Tsipras had more success with younger and undecided voters, while Meimarakis was seen as giving a stronger performance by those over the age of 55. Seven in 10 respondents said they watched the debate.

The SYRIZA leader attempted to rally his party’s supporters in Patra on Wednesday. He told his audience that “every vote lost by SYRIZA is a vote won for New Democracy.” Officials in the leftist party believe that undecided voters, which the University of Macedonia poll puts at 6 percent, could sway the result in SYRIZA’s favor.

Meimarakis is due to deliver his main campaign speech at a rally in Athens on Thursday evening and is expected to focus on his willingness to work with as many parties as possible to form the next government if he wins Sunday’s elections.


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