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Neocon Republican Senator Lindsey Graham urges President-elect Trump to “take a much tougher tone towards Russia”

Bitter at Donald’s Trump victory and the fact that an “outsider” has turned Washington’s corrupt political class on its head, the ultimate DC insider, war hawk Senator Lindsey Graham, will do just about anything to sabotage the new order that is being built around Trump’s agenda.

For Graham there is no easier, low hanging fruit, to stir up trouble than to conjure up the Russian hate agenda.

Under the thumb of the military industrial complex for decades, and desperate to put the brakes on a Trump foreign policy agenda that includes diplomacy and non-intervention, Graham told CNN that he is moving forward to investigate “Russian hacking”, while at the same time urging Trump to forget dialogue when dealing with the world’s problems.

Via Zerohedge

Having dropped out of the primary race almost exactly a year ago, prominent foreign policy hawk, Republic Senator Lindsey Graham told CNN during an interview today that he plans to launch two separate probes (from both of his subcommittees) into Russia’s “hacking” and demand that President-elect Trump “take a much tougher tone towards Russia… or they will break up our alliances.”

No need to read into Graham’s statements. He is a Russian hater, and along with John McCain is pushing for increased escalation with Russia, while Trump looks to tone down divisive rhetoric. The “Russian aggression” story for Graham and McCain is very good for business.

In intvw, GRAHAM announces plans for two new investigations into Russia hack, calls on Trump to toughen tone. Graham is the first Republican to call for an investigation into Russia after constant demands from the Democrats, and noted that he and John McCain support further sanctions on Putin.
— Manu Raju (@mkraju) December 7, 2016

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