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Neocon leader John Bolton goes on Fox News to whine about how Putin lied to Trump’s face (Video)

Arch neocon, former Ambassador to the United States, John Bolton unpacked the Trump-Putin meeting… and the man who championed the fake news WMD lie that lead to an illegal war in Iraq, is now accusing Russian President Putin of lying to President Trump, by denying the “Russian election meddling” fake news.

Bolton continues to repeat the massively debunked “17 intelligence reports” talking point as proof to the fact that Putin’s denial of election meddling was a lie.

The only lie going around is the Hillary Clinton “Russian meddling” story that neoconservatives like Bolton so quickly take up. Then again, both Clinton and Bolton are from the same neoconservative, military industrial complex school of thought.

One man helped destroy Iraq, and the other woman destroyed Libya.

The disappointing part of the video segment below is watching a usually intelligent and measured Laura Ingraham stoop to the level of dumbed down Russophobe, as she takes the bait, and partakes in Bolton’s Putin hating paranoia, failing to ask the neocon some simple questions, like “where is the evidence of Russian hacking?”.

Bolton also touched on the ceasefire agreement between Trump and Putin on Syria, for which, as expected, Bolton pushed the “Assad must go” mantra, once again showing the United States’ inability to walk back a disastrous regime change policy people like Bolton hatched more than a decade ago.

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