This is the neocon “hit list” of people in the Trump Administration that are targeted for removal

The neocons, in partnership with their neo-liberal left minions, have efficiently disposed of General Michael Flynn, and now three more Trump loyalists are marked for removal.

Here are the Trump White House team members that are next in line to be picked off by the neocon establishment, as the DC swamp rises up to consolidate its hold on the office of the US President.

Trump will be left isolated, and with no more true allies, if these three people are successfully removed.

1. Steve Bannon – They make him out to be the evil brains behind Trump’s rise to power.

Steve Bannon

This recent Time magazine cover is meant to humiliate and anger Trump.

Expect the fake news about Bannon being a white supremacist and anti-semite to ramp up in the next few weeks. The establishment media like CNN and MSNBC will happily carry water for the neocons on the campaign to remove Bannon.

steve bannon

2. Stephen Miller – President Trump’s senior policy advisor and Bannon loyalist.


Once Bannon goes, the neocons will purge the White House of any and all Bannon remnants, and Miller will be the first on that list.

Miller takes Bannon’s ideas, and turns then into legal, functioning policy. This puts a giant “X” on his back, as a neocon and neo-liberal target.

3. Kellyanne Conway – The woman that will defend and protect Trump until the very end.


Kellyanne Conway has, and will, stand by President Trump no matter what, and for this reason the neocons will make sure she leaves the White House. The only way to truly isolate President Trump is to remove Kellyanne completely out of the picture.

The neocons, with the help of their establishment media have already begun the campaign to remove Conway, as exhibited by this developing plot line

The Office of Government Ethics (OGE) found reason to believe Ms Conway had violated ethics rules, five days after she urged people to buy the president’s daughter’s range on Fox News.


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