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“NATO out from Sardinia!” Anti-NATO protesters clash with police in protest of military drills [Video]

NATO backlash is picking up steam across Europe.

Perhaps it is due to NATO’s dozens of endless and illegal wars.

Maybe it has to do with ordinary citizens suffering economic hardships, while EU member states imposing economic austerity, use funds to carry out NATO drills, and buy billions in military hardware.

Of maybe it is just the plain and simple fact that NATO has absolutely zero purpose for existence.

Whatever the reason, expect NATO protests, especially in Europe’s economically ravaged south, to be a common occurrence.

Via RT

Video footage shows dozens of protesters trying to enter the base by cutting the fence, with the aim of halting the military drills being carried out there. Demonstrators threw stones at police, who attempted to block them by firing tear gas and using batons, Ruptly reported.

The demonstrators chanted “NATO out from Sardinia!” as police surrounded them at the entrance to the base.

Several activists were reportedly injured in the clashes, and the local vice-chief of police was taken to hospital.

The Capo Frasca base is used by several NATO countries as a training facility.

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