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NATO is paying 1,000 euros to Kiev residents willing to take part in war games

It’s one thing to get a much larger utility bill than expected, which is exactly what Ukraine’s residents are receiving after foolishly (under US orders) breaking off energy ties with Russia, and falling under IMF/EU austerity…but to get a NATO recruitment ad is taking utility bill payments a bit too far.

One thing is certain, the US/EU will go to great lengths to show that NATO has relevance…to the tune of 1000-1200 euros per warm body.

The price to become cannon fodder in Victoria Nuland’s neocon pet project.


“There’s an opportunity to take part in a NATO peacekeeping contingent. Wages are 1000-1200 euros.” 

Ukrainian news agency Vesti displayed the advertisement sent to Kiev residents, along with their utility bill, that asks recipients to enroll in Ukraine’s armed forces, along with a NATO payday.

Sputnik News reports

A source in Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Vesti that the number of able-bodied citizens willing to serve in the nation’s armed forces has decreased, prompting the military to resort to such unorthodox measures.

The ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine’s southeast made military service increasingly unpopular among the country’s youths who often go to great lengths to avoid conscription.

In October 2015, the Office of Ukraine’s Attorney General announced that there were about 16,000 deserters from the ranks of the Ukrainian army, according to

Furthermore, in May 2016 Andriy Verba, head of the Ukrainian Army Medical Department, said that some of the conscripts recently pressed into service were in fact diagnosed with tuberculosis, hepatitis C and even HIV. He also added that the infected servicemen won’t be discharged and will remain at military facilities during treatment.


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