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NATO orders all member states to pay more money to alliance or face Trump’s wrath

Donald Trump called the NATO alliance “obsolete.”

Trump suggested that under his administration, the US may refuse to come to the aid of NATO allies unless they “pay their bills” and “fulfill their obligations.”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is jumping on Trump’s statements and using it as a way to force NATO members to pay more cash into NATO’s coffers. This means more cash for the military industrial complex and the globalist elite.

After meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg underlined the importance of the “transatlantic bond,” urging NATO members to follow the British example and contribute 2 percent of their GDP to the military.

NATO said in a statement, after the meeting with the UK PM…

“Mr. Stoltenberg noted that the UK is leading by example on defense spending, investing over 2 percent of GDP on defense.”

“It’s good to see that other allies are now following you and they are starting to increase defense spending.”

“More defense spending in Europe is important for the transatlantic bond, for fair burden sharing between Europe and the United States.”

UK Prime Minister May noted that the UK wants to “remain the cornerstone of the alliance,” as May brought up the spectre of Russian aggression in an effort to spook EU citizens into supporting more useless NATO spending.

“I think as we look in the face of Russian aggression, of course here in the UK we are committed to our 2 percent of GDP being spent on defense, we are contributing troops to defense of eastern Europe with the NATO operations and our commitment is significant in all of these issues and we’ve agreed to maintain our nuclear deterrent.”

The UK, Poland, Estonia, Greece, and the US are the only members of the 28-country alliance meeting the 2 percent threshold.

The US contributes the highest proportion of its GDP to NATO, some 3.61 percent, according to NATO’s 2015 Annual Report.

Alliance members spent a collective total $892 billion on defense in 2015, with the US contributing an estimated $650 billion to the alliance last year.


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