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NATO in full panic mode! Kremlin spokesman suggests Trump tell NATO ‘to withdraw forces from Russian border’

Could we be witnessing the begin of a detente between the US and Russia?

It appears that Donald Trump’s election victory may be paving the way for a more realpolitik approach to relations with Russia, which would be a welcome position from the recent hostility and demonization epitomized by Hillary Clinton’s destructive red-baiting rhetoric.

Yesterday The Duran reported on the impending meeting between Russian President Putin and US President-elect Donald Trump.

In his first post-election interview with The Wall Street Journal, President-elect Donald Trump thanked Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for sending him a “beautiful” letter of congratulations and said that the two are scheduled to speak over the phone.

In a Thursday interview with the Associated Press, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the Russian president is hoping for improved relations with the United States when Donald Trump becomes president.

Peskov also suggested that President-elect Donald Trump should begin rebuilding a very broken relationship between Russia and the US by urging NATO to withdraw forces from the Russian border.

Dmitry Peskov told the AP that NATO’s withdrawal from Russia’s border “would lead to a kind of detente in Europe.” 

Peskov said that the NATO’s aggressive presence so close to Russia’s border does not make Russia feel “safe.

“Of course, we have to take measures to counter.”

Peskov described the two men as “very much alike” in how they see the world…cue the neo-liberal/necon alarm bells.

Here is some more of what Peskov said during his brief interview with the AP, where the hope for a “good personal relationship” was stressed throughout the interview…

“He [Vladimir Putin] has been a very firm supporter of the idea of good relationship between our countries, because we do carry a joint responsibility for strategic stability in the world, strategic security.”

Russia and the U.S. must address the “very, very dangerous challenge of global terrorism” together.

“We are all living in a very, very dangerous world and the only possibility for all of us to improve this world is to start to speak to each other and to start to cooperate. And we do hope, and President Putin really hopes, that we’ll have an opportunity for optimism…in our relationship with the United States.”

Peskov said the two leaders are “very much alike…in their basic approaches toward international affairs.”

“This is a good reason to believe that they will manage to establish good relations.”

“We shouldn’t expect them to agree on everything…Unfortunately, we do have a very, very loaded luggage of disagreements now.”

“But if we are wise enough to start speaking to each other, and try to listen to each other’s concerns, this will be a real success.”

The Associated Press reports

Once Trump is sworn in on Jan. 20, Peskov said Putin will be looking forward to conversations with the new U.S. leader.

Trump has praised Putin as a strong leader and said he wants to be friends with Russia and join forces in the fight against terrorism, but he has outlined few specifics of how he would go about improving relations.


Peskov is close to Putin, almost always by his side on foreign trips and at meetings with foreign leaders. It is highly unusual for him to travel abroad separately, but he is chairman of the board of the Russian Chess Federation and came to New York to attend Friday’s opening of the world championship match between Russia’s Sergei Karyakin and Norway’s Magnus Carlsen. The organizers have invited Trump to attend, but it was unclear whether he would accept the invitation.

Peskov said the U.S.-Russia relationship is “a victim” in every U.S. election, but this year was “quite unprecedented.” He said the Kremlin was “very surprised” when Putin became part of the campaign and when Trump was described as unpatriotic and unfit to be president for saying he was ready to speak to the Russian leader. “It’s so illogical,” Peskov said.

In addition to denying any Russian role in the hacking, he protested what he said were “hostile” threats from Washington of counter-measures against Moscow, including from Vice President Joe Biden.

Peskov said five top Russian banks were subjected to a heavy cyberattack Wednesday that their security systems managed to repel. He said Russia could blame Biden for saying Russia would have to pay the price, but if the two countries blame each other for everything “it will not help the situation.”

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