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Nancy Pelosi meltdown, whines to press, “what does Russia have on Trump” (Video)

Nancy Pelosi meltdown, whines to press, “what does Russia have on Trump” (Video)

Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to Trumps first State of the Union speech was more proof than ever that Pelosi has completely gone insane, infected with an aggressive strain of both TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and the ‘Russia Hysteria’ virus.

The House Minority Leader held a press conference to react to Trump’s SOTU speech calling it a “performance” that was “completely devoid” of serious policy ideas.

Trump’s “performance last night was just that,” Pelosi tweeted, “a performance completely devoid of the serious policy ideas that lead to real bipartisan efforts.”

Via The Hill

The Democratic leader responded to Trump by also questioning why the administration declined to implement new sanctions on Russia for its meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The administration faced blowback on Capitol Hill after the State Department said Monday it would not immediately implement penalties for entities doing business with Russia’s defense sector.

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“President Trump is completely silent about Russia’s ongoing assault on our democracy and his administration’s outrageous refusal to impose sanctions. What’s that about? What is that about?” Pelosi asked during a press conference on Wednesday.

“What do the Russians have on him politically, personally, financially that he would ignore his responsibility in that regard?”

At one point during her press conference Pelosi stated that the Statue of Liberty is ‘crying’.

Laura Ingraham mocked the triggered Pelosi…hopefully the House Minority Leader will find a cure for her TDS and ‘Russia Hysteria’ illness.


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