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More BuzzFeed fake news? Deep State, corporate run news outlet claims Russia’s US Ambassador is on his way out

Listicle, cat meme site, Buzzfeed has been a major propagator of Russian hysteria and anti-Trump fake news since the US election cycle kicked off.

The deep state, corporate funded news site made a Trump-Russia splash when it published the completely debunked, toxic fake news “Trump dossier”, made up by a Hillary Clinton commissioned ex-British intelligence hack, in order to discredit Trump and tarnish his presidential victory.

Buzzfeed’s disposition towards discrediting Trump, bashing Russia, and worshipping neo-liberal demagogues like Obama and Clinton should come as no surprise given Buzzfeed’s corporate media influence, which includes major company shareholders General Atlantic, NBCUniversal and Comcast.

This makes BuzzFeed’s latest Russia news, which once agains cites anonymous sources, dubious.

According to BuzzFeed, Russia is recalling Ambassador Sergey Kislyak from his current Washington DC psot.

BuzzFeed reports that Kislyak is scheduled to leave Washington next month, following a July 11 going-away party at the St. Regis Hotel, two blocks away from the White House.

Reports that Kislyak could be taking over at the UN are plausible, but not for the reasons that sites like Buzzfeed will try to suggest…mainly that Kislyak is off to New York because of his Washington DC connection and collusion to POTUS Trump.

A more plausible explanation, if true, is that Kislyak is might possibly head up Russia’s UN mission, which was struck by the sudden and tragic death of then UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has not commented on such news, nor has it signaled in the slightest any change within in its US embassy ranks.

Zerohedge adds

As readers are well aware, Kislyak has been a key figure in the growing investigation by a special counsel and multiple congressional committees into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election that put President Trump in the White House. Two key Trump administration officials, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and adviser Jared Kushner, had meetings with Kislyak last year that they failed to disclose to congressional and federal officials. Sessions recused himself in March from any Justice Department investigation into the Russian interference, in part because of his unreported contacts with Kislyak.

Ironically, all Kislyak was doing was, well, his job which is to meet with people like Sessions, Kushner and yes, even Trump.

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