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MMA fights back against Meryl Streep and her ignorant remarks about football and Mixed Martial Arts

If you thought Meryl Streep only offended President-elect Donald Trump during her Golden Globes speech, think again.

In what may very well be the most condescending, egotistical speech from a pampered Hollywood elitist to date, Meryl Streep took an obvious swipe at the “deplorables” of America who love their football and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Streep was clear to point out that MMA is beneath her and her Hollywood liberal snowflakes, and that MMA is certainly not an art worthy of recognition and resect like say “Mama Mia”.

Professional Mixed Martial Artists took issue with Streep’s arrogance and ignorance…reinforcing the fact that America voted Trump because America is sick of the politically correct, Hollywood-liberal clowns, and their holier–than–thou moral posturing.

Heat Street reports

Streep, who received the honorary Cecil B. DeMille Golden Globe for lifetime achievement, used her acceptance speech to take a swipe at Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric, claiming that high culture was under threat:

“Hollywood is crawling with foreigners and if you kick them all out all you have to watch is football and Mixed Martial Arts,” she opined.

“And those,” she continued, “are not arts.”

Her words not only seemed to imply that MMA and football were lowbrow forms of entertainment for paupers, but that these sports were also less inclusive of foreigners than the Seventh Art.

Aggrieved, several fighters and mixed martial arts supporters took to Twitter to voice their opinions on Streep’s comments. Many pointed to the double standard in her speech, which called on Americans to rise above hatred and intolerance yet casually dissed an entire class of sports and their fans.

UFC Host Megan Olivi wrote: “Really weird to see someone talk about not discriminating then basically discriminate against an entire group of skilled, hard working ppl.”

Others reminded her that numerous Ultimate Fighting Championship’s titleholders hail from many parts of the world, with champions Jose Aldo, Conor McGregor, Amanda Nunes or MMA superstar Ronda Rousey all having roots outside the country.

MMA promoter Scott Coker wrote an open letter to Steep…


I’m a  lifelong fan of your work but also a lifelong martial artist who happens to promote mixed martial arts around the world.

The  global sport of mixed martial art celebrates males and female athletes from around the world who work years tirelessly honing their crafts and – yes – arts. They come from every country and every walk of life. We at Bellator support them and honor their skill.

Please be my guest at the LA forum on January 21st and you will see that Mixed Martial Arts is truly artistic – which will feature fighters from all over the world competing at a world class level.”


In a letter posted on his official Facebook page, UFC champion Josh Barnett was clearly offended with Streep’s Golden Globes speech, joking that the actress’ nose was “so high in the air” her glasses would never fall from it and stop her from reading her pompous speeches…

Well Meryl, it’s nice to see that with your nose so high in the air we know your glasses will always stay right on your face so you’d be able to read your speeches to us implying that not only is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) lowbrow, but that it’s also apparently without “foreigners”.

Your glib smile and proclamation that MMA is “not the arts” would also lend a viewer the idea that you think that you’re better than us so called “artists” and perhaps that you think we are best regarded as a punchline to joke.

You are clearly a master at your profession and in the type of “arts’ that you deem important in the realm of entertainment, but as a professional Mixed Martial Artist (aka a professional prize fighter) I’ll fill you in on some aspects of MMA. We are competitors in a GLOBAL sport who’s names rank from all corners of the globe and whose profession is found in almost every country in the world. People around the world put food on their tables with this “art” but also inspire, encourage, build, and bring positive action to many, many viewers.

Lastly, what we do is arguably the oldest profession in the world (I think it’s really a chicken or egg argument on this and the usually accepted) and while it may not have the civil, often upper class air to it that your art does, it is not devoid of talent, skill, training or schooling. It was around long before what you may consider “the arts” to be and would remain even if those arts were disappear.

Stay classy,


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