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Milwaukee burns after two days of riots. Obama enjoys golf with his celebrity pals

The ‘Hope and Change’ POTUS is hard at work…on his golf handicap.

Already having eclipsed 300 rounds of golf while in office, Obama decided that his last 3 months in office would be no different than his previous 7 plus years.

As America plummets into the abyss of social divide, corruption and violence, Obama plays the most elitist sport on the planet, refusing to pay attention to the latest fatal police shooting of an armed Black man, which resulted in mob violence in Milwaukee over the weekend.

The violent rioting left four police officers wounded and prompted Governor Scott Walker to call in the National Guard.

Obama did not take a break from his rounds of golf with Alonzo Mourning, Mercer Cook III and Cy Walker to issue a statement. Perhaps no teleprompter could be set up at Martha’s Vineyard where he is taking his annual two-week summer vacation.

The White House however is on the case with a statement saying Obama had been briefed on the riot by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett who was in contact with officials in Milwaukee on behalf of the president.

Far away from the latest racial violence to plague the “exceptional” nation, Obama is having a good time, oblivious, or simply not caring about the trouble he helped stir up when he famously fueled the fires of hate during a NATO press conference in Warsaw Poland.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Video posted by ABC News shows the obsequious press laughingly engaging Obama about his golf game but not one reporter is heard shouting a question about yet another American city in flames over anti-police riots by Black Lives Matter protesters, even though Obama has welcomed leaders of the movement to the White House and is heavily involved in anti-police politics through his words and government policies.

Curiously, with the expception of the photos by Mark Knoller and the brioef video clip by ABC, the media is not posting photos or video of Obama’s Sunday golf game.

A civilian posted a photo of Obama golfing, however.


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