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Michael Savage: “Trump bombed his base” (Video)

Michael Savage: “Trump bombed his base” (Video)

Michael Savage recorded a video-message over the weekend saying that Trump bombed his MAGA base.

It was a ‘Potemkin’ raid…

“It takes strength NOT to bomb.”

The first three YouTube comments (screenshot below) show that Trump’s actions against Syria are costing him his core base support.

The neo-liberal left establishment combined with the neocon right loonies have boxed Trump in.

By pushing Trump towards war with Syria, they are dividing Trump from his base, that voted for a non-interventionist policy (MAGA).

By resisting the warmongers, Trump is pegged as a weak, Putin puppet.

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In the 2018 midterms, Republicans will lose the House, possibly the Senate.

Impeachment proceeding will take place.

If Trump survives impeachment, then more Syria, Deep State false flags will be initiated…once again forcing Trump’s hand to intervene, and further degrading his MAGA support.

2020 will solidify the Deep State’s removal of Trump.

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