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Michael Savage: complete “false flag in Syria.” No sarin gas, most likely phosgene gas

A must listen. Savage Nation is a huge radio platform. Michael Savage is also a chemical weapons expert.

Key points:

Savage: “Who got to you, Mr. President? Who is whispering in your ear and could have made you make this dramatic of a change towards Russia in just three days?”

Savage: “We just helped ISIS.”

Savage notes that the poison gas attack was a complete false flag.

“This was a complete false flag event…Assad had nothing to gain by gassing his own people.”

The symptoms witnessed in Syria are consistent with a phosgene gas, not the sarin gas widely reported…“the West jumped to a conclusion.”

Savage: “Do you want war with Russia, all of you idiots, all of you fools who are pounding the war drums?”

Savage compared President Trump to US President Woodrow Wilson, noting that last Thursday was the 100-year anniversary of Wilson declaring war on Germany.

“Like Trump, Woodrow Wilson ran on an ‘America first’ platform. He was elected largely because he kept us out of the war in Europe. But someone got to him, too.”

Savage: “The generals” are leading President Trump into military conflicts.

Savage: Key advisers are being pushed away from Trump’s team, including Jeff Sessions and Representative Devin Nunes.

Savage: “The generals have gotten to him and turned him from peace with Russia. And the people standing in the way of war, like Steve Bannon, are being shown the door.”

Savage called the strike a “military tweet.”

It was “a limp-wristed attack in order to gain the attention of the fools in the media and the fools amongst the so-called republican voters who think this was a real great military action.”

Savage: “You know you’re on the wrong side if that cesspool of filth supports your actions”…referring to the fact that John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Hillary Clinton all supported Trump’s strike on Syria.

Savage: “How is is this an ‘America first’ decision?”

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