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Michael Bloomberg says ‘Hillary Clinton’s campaign sucked’ and ‘Democrat media could have done more to elect her’

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is jumping off of the Russiagate bandwagon, coming to the hard realization that Hillary Clinton’s fantasy fairytale she concocted with John Podesta and Robby Mook, in order to explain away her pathetic loss to Donald Trump, is not resonating with American voters.

We are shocked that such a brilliant strategy focusing on another country’s mythical cyber activities is not central to daily American lives.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Bloomberg  said that he wasn’t sure the Democrat Party had a message nationally.

The former NY Mayor commented that Hillary Clinton didn’t have a good tagline for her campaign and that one of the many Democrats in the media could have helped her.

Bloomberg also noted that many people who voted against Trump (believing he would be a bad president) may now actually vote for Trump, as he has had some time in office.

Zerohedge reports that Bloomberg pegged Trump’s re-election odds at 55% and predicted the entire Democratic party would be in complete disarray by the time the next election cycle rolls around.”

Cooper:  “I think recently you gave the chance that Trump would be re-elected of 55%.”

Bloomberg:  “Yeah, sure.  The incumbent always has an advantage.”

“And the Democratic Party is going to be torn apart by the left and the centralists.”

Cooper asked Bloomberg to explain why Hillary lost. Here are his thoughts

  1. Republicans are dumb and got duped by a catchy slogan and…
  2. The media, “given that it is mostly Democratic” should have done even more to help Hillary.

“Hillary never got a real message out.”

“Whereas Donald had a great saying: ‘Make America Great Again.’ I don’t know what ‘Again’ means, but ‘America’, that’s patriotic and great…that’s a good word.”

“Slogans matter.  You don’t think that’s what your decision’s based on but it predisposes you to really want to do something.”

“And I never understood, given that most of the media is Democratic, why Hillary couldn’t find someone to give her a good tag line.”

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