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Melania Trump tweets her support for Donald. Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims tweet their support for Donald

The Clinton Campaign dropped an October scandal on the Trump campaign.

No doubt Clinton had this recording for months, maybe years in advance and was waiting for the right time to unload it in order to dismantle Trump bid for the US Presidency.

Unfortunately for the Clinton’s, when they decided to get into a “sex scandal” grudge match with Donald Trump, the Clinton campaign seems to have forgotten that sex scandals are synonymous with the name Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Get ready for some ghosts of Clinton days past to start making there appearance.

First we have Melania coming out in defense of her husband…and folks do not feel sorry for Melania, she knows exactly what she signed up for when she married Donald Trump.

And now we have the Clinton’s sexual assault skeletons coming out of the closet in support of The Don.

We have Bill Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick who tweeted after the scandal broke…

“How many times must it be said. Actions speak louder than words. (Donald Trump) said bad things! (Hillary Clinton) threatened me after (Bill Clinton) raped me.”

Broaddrick accused Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton of raping her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1978.

Broaddrick says Hillary Clinton followed up after the rape in an attempt to intimidate and silence her.

Next we have Paula Jones, a former Arkansas state employee, who sued President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment and settled the lawsuit for $850,000.

Jones took to Facebook…

“So Donald Trump had to apologize about the woman comments. ”

“I don’t recall that Bill or Hillary has apologized to me and Juanita Broaddrick or Kathleen Willey yet Bill was getting his wee wee sucked under the Oval Office desk and still won a second term, UNBELIEVABLE! No liberal ever questioned his ability to run our country then, why NOW with Trump..???? Two faced hypercritical liberals!”


Finally we have Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer who, on March 15, 1998, claimed on 60 Minutes, that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her on November 29, 1993.

Willey tweeted about Bill Clinton and the “Hag’s” apologies that were never made…

“[Donald Trump] apologized.Where are Bill, and the Hag’s apologies to Juanita,Paula,Eileen,Gennifer,Dolly,me?We’re waiting,we’re not holding our breaths.”

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