Meet the Russian beauty Anastasia Bryzgalova who taught us curling was a thing

The amazing husband and wife Olympian team has taken the bronze at PyeongChang

Anastasia Bryzgalova took the Olympics by storm when she and her husband claimed the bronze, after the perfect couple already stole everyone’s hearts. Just to be clear, it’s not only her beauty that captivated people, according to RBTH, she brings with her all the ferocity and might of Russia, yelling at a competitor:

“Is this your first time on the ice?”

Indeed, she’s in it, to win it, as Russia Beyond quotes her:

“We came here to win an Olympic medal and today we managed to do this and we’re very happy,”

Just to be clear, as if it wasn’t already stated and abundantly obvious:

❤️#family #wedding #june13th

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She’s taken, gentlemen, sorry to break it to you, and actually, as you may have noticed, they are a Husband and Wife team.

Bryzgalova, age 25, lives with her husband Alexander Krushelnytsky in the “northern capital” St. Petersburg, both having studied at Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport, and Health. She became interested in curling in 2009, but struggled at first, though she said her spirit would not let her give up until she succeeded.

Is anyone else getting a slight McKayla Maroney vibe from the adorable smirk? Indeed, the photogenic Olympian has an excellent choice in photo-op locations. Check out this amazing photo of her by the Swallow’s Nest in Crimea.

Seriously, the Swallow’s Nest has to be one of the most epic places in the world to take photos. Her Instagram is filled with amazing places she and her husband have traveled to.

????#barcelona #sogradafamilia

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Feel free to check out her Instagram page for more photos.

????#richi #sochi

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