Bill O’Reilly, meet the real “KILLER”. Barack Obama’s massive kill list in charts

“Killing me softly.”

Former POTUS Barack Obama may have played the part of a dainty liberal, but don’t be fooled, deep down Barack was a killer. A killer of mass proportions.

As the US liberal and neocon media freak out over Trump’s interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, where Trump (GASP) admitted that he “respects” Putin, and America “is not so innocent” when it comes to killing…we present to you the real stone cold killer.

Numbers don’t lie.

When it comes to racking up ‘kills’, no one was more deadly these last eight years than Barack Hussein Obama.

No world leader even comes close to Obama’s kill stats.

If anything, Vladimir Putin, and all of Russia, should be insulted that President Trump would compare Putin’s record with that of a “stone cold killer” like Barack Obama…

The former US President embraced the US drone program, overseeing more strikes in his first year than G. W. Bush carried out during his entire presidency.

A total of 563 strikes, largely by drones, targeted Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen during Obama’s two terms as POTUS. Compare that to 57 strikes under Bush.

Between 384 and 807 civilians were killed in those countries, according to reports logged by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

The Obama administration has insisted that drone strikes are so “exceptionally surgical and precise” that they pluck off terror suspects while not putting “innocent men, women and children in danger”. This claim has been contested by numerous human rights group. The Bureau’s figures on civilian casualties also demonstrate that this is often not the case.

The White House released long-awaited figures in July on the number of people killed in drone strikes between January 2009 and the end of 2015, which insiders said was a direct response to pressure from the Bureau and other organisations that collect data. However the US’s estimate of the number of civilians killed – between 64 and 116 – contrasted strongly with the number recorded by the Bureau, which at 380 to 801 was six times higher.

Here are Obama’s kill stats. Keep in mind, that figures from the chart below do not include deaths Obama Administration deaths in active battlefields like Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Ukraine, Yemen, Iraq, and Libya...

Total Obama killsNotes on the data: not showing strikes in active battlefields except Afghanistan; strikes in Syria, Iraq and Libya are not included in this data.


Afghanistan 1




RT has more on Obama’s kill record

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