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Maxine Waters says tensions in Syria are “phony”, Trump and Putin are “putting on a show” (Video)

Maxine Waters’ rants have moved from troubling to idiotic to now simply entertaining.

The Duran has documented Waters’ lunacy and panic over the nefarious connection between Trump and Putin (two people that have never meet in person, ever), but this latest explanation as to why Trump illegally launched 59 Tomahawks into Syria is about as nutty, and stupid as it can get…but we have to admit that it is entertaining listening to this US Congresswoman make a fool of herself and her Democrat party in spectacular fashion.

Watching the video is believing. We wonder if uber liberal left Huffington Post believes this Waters’ rant, or if they are shocked at her stupidity as we are.

Via Huffington Post

Earning the moniker “Auntie Maxine” from adoring progressives, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has become a hero to the left for her unflinching and unrelenting criticism of Donald Trump and his allies. She did not disappoint them at Saturday’s Tax March in Washington, D.C. 

At the rally before the march, Waters vowed to fight every day until Trump is impeached and questioned the motives behind the U.S. attack on Syria. She believes Syria to be “phony tension between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, all being hyped up by the White House, still trying to distract us.”

After her speech, I asked the congresswoman whether she believes Putin and Assad were colluding to help take the heat off of Trump from the investigations into his ties with Russia. She believes that Putin and Trump are “tied at the hip,” the tension is a charade, and that the end-game is getting the oil sanctions lifted for drilling in the Arctic.

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