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Maxine Waters now claims that this US Senator is also a Putin spy (Video)

Maxine Waters sees Russian spies everywhere.

The Duran has chronicled Waters’ outrageously dumb comments extensively with laughter and a bit of shock, realizing that such stunning stupidity is coming from a US lawmaker.

Two weeks ago Waters told the HuffPost that tensions in Syria are “phony”, as she believed that Trump and Putin are “putting on a show”.

Maxine Waters took to her favorite liberal left fake news channel, MSNBC, to provide the world with more humorous Russia paranoia, by stating that US Senator Jason Chaffetz may have Kremlin connections.

During a broadcast of MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, Waters weighed in on the declaration by the House Oversight Committee that ex-NSA Michael Flynn may have broken the law.

Waters then turned her attentions to GOP lawmaker, Jason Chaffetz, who she now believes has Russian ties.

Hayes had to point out to Waters that he has not seen any evidence that Chaffetz is working for the Kremlin.

Waters’ seems to be getting her news from looney Russian conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch, who prior to Chaffetz announcing his upcoming retirement from Congress, said that Russia has “kompromat” on the GOP congressman.

Here is Maxine Waters’ astonishing comments, which are now even giving the most paranoid of Russia haters a bit of pause as to how mentally stable Maxine truly is…

“No, I really don’t [understand what he’s doing]. There is a lot of speculation about what he’s doing. There are those who were told that he’s trying to position himself to run for higher office, and I think it’s for governor. There are those who think that he, in some ways, has some connections to what is going on in the Ukraine and perhaps in Russia itself and knows something about all of this. I don’t really know. I can’t say, but he’s strange in the way that he’s conducting himself. And maybe he thinks that if he rolls out and points to the fact that something is going on with Flynn that he did not disclose, and this is criminal––I mean, he’s violated a federal law––that somehow this will raise him above maybe what connections he may have with the Kremlin. I don’t know. But we need to keep an eye on him.”

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