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Mark Dice and Laura Ingraham crush Don Lemon after CNN host melts down during broadcast (Video)

CNN’s Don Lemon loses his cool after Trump gave speech at a Phoenix rally Tuesday evening.

CNN’s Don Lemon has made no secret of his disdain for President Trump. After Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona, where thousands chanted “CNN SUCKS”, the CNN host had an epic meltdown during his show.

Twitter users jumped on Lemon’s tirade against POTUS Trump, once again calling out the hypocrisy and fake news moniker that is now glued onto the back of the CNN network.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Don Lemon went on and on in an unhinged rant and Trump supporters on Twitter absolutely destroyed him.

Don Lemon accused Trump of lying to the American people by eclipsing facts. He also compared Trump to a child who blames everyone else. Lemon accused Trump of being unhinged and insane.

President Trump slammed CNN in his speech in Phoenix and the Trump supporter chanted ‘CNN Sucks!’. Lemon just can’t handle the truth.

Here is Don Lemon’s unhinged monologue for fake news CNN…

Don Lemon later got destroyed on twitter by the likes of Mark Dice and Laura Ingraham…

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