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Maria Zakharova warns if EU begins censoring Russian media, then “we will of course take measures in response”

The Duran reported yesterday that the European Parliament approved a draft resolution placing Russian media outlets in the same bucket as ISIS/Daesh propaganda.

The Duran reported…

Members of the EU Parliament have just voted in favour of a non-binding resolution to condemn and respond to so-called ‘information warfare’.

The two targets of this attack are ironically facing each other on the battle fields of Syria. On the one side there is ISIS and on the other there is Russia, but both are equally condemned as being a danger to Europe, according to the EU Parliament’s resolution.

Specifically, the resolution targets the media outlets of ISIS and of Russia. In the case of Russia they are worried about popular news outlets like RT, and in the case of ISIS they are worried about videos of mass murder committed by crazed fanatics.

RT reported on the EU’s hysteria, exposed in the form of censorship…

On Wednesday, the European Parliament voted on a non-legislative resolution which urges the EU to “respond to information warfare by Russia,” with RT and Sputnik news agency branded the most dangerous “tools” of “hostile propaganda.”

The document shows “political degradation” regarding the “idea of democracy” in the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded, adding that while “everyone tries to lecture” Russia on democracy, Europe wants to implement a policy of restrictions

Of course Moscow would not take this form of European censorship and fear mongering lying down.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Maria Zakharova told journalists at a briefing

“We hope that the resolution will not entail practical steps on curbing the work of the Russian media.”

“There is hope that such steps will not follow, because the adoption of such a document caused massive uproar, for one, in the EU itself.”

“If this document is applied and implemented to curb the activities of the Russian media on EU member states’ territories, then we will of course take measures in response.”

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