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Maria Zakharova tells Samantha Power, ‘nothing more barbaric than Iraq and Libya done the Washington way’

A few days ago The Duran posted Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova’s response to UK Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson’s ridiculous claims that Russia may be charged with war crimes in Syria for its stance against Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Zakharova took Boris to task for his BBC comments,

–that Russia was guilty of protracting the war in Syria as well as “making it far more hideous.”

…And then pointed out that the United Kingdom is guilty of protracting and worsening violence in Iraq.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman took to Facebook to fix Boris’ statement, so that it reflected facts on the ground in Syria and the Middle East.

“Everything is correct, except for two words: the word ‘Russia’ should be replaced with ‘Britain,’ and ‘Syria’ with ‘Iraq.’”

Not satisfied with dismantling Boris’ lies and fiction, Maria Zakharova turned her attention to US envoy to the UN Samantha Power, and her Russia bashing speech at the UN Security Council, where Power called Russia’s actions in Syria “barbarism”…

“What Russia is sponsoring and doing is not counter-terrorism, it is barbarism.”

Zakharova once again went on Facebook to call out America’s hypocrisy, noting that nothing in modern history is more barbaric than what the US has done in Iraq and Libya.

“Historically speaking…a barbarian is someone not belonging to an empire, and we have only one of those today.” 

“As for the imagery…the world has seen nothing more barbaric in modern history than Iraq and Libya done the Washington way.”

Syria is now undergoing “barbarism…the Washington way.” RT reports further

Zakharova believes that Power’s remarks were meant to draw attention from the American attack on Syrian troops near Deir ez-Zor, which happened amid the ceasefire and almost resulted in the Syrian Army’s positions being overrun by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), which the US is supposedly seeking to eradicate.

Power, who received her current appointment in 2013, was among the most vocal supporters of the concept of “humanitarian interventionalism” – the use of military force on humanitarian grounds.


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