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Maria Bartiromo DESTROYS John Podesta and his lies about Russia and Trump collusion

Fox Business News host Maria Bartiromo absolutely destroy Hillary Clinton’s loser campaign chairman John Podesta, the main who along with Hillary and Robby Mook, fabricated the Russian election meddling story to explain away their pathetic presidential election result.

Maria Bartiromo exposes just about every single lie that John Podesta has ushered into the mainstream news cycle, including Trump’s connection to Russia.

Podesta is left repeating the stupid “17 Intelligence Agencies confirmed Russian interference” talking point, which has been completely debunked by the New York Times…

Podesta had his emails hacked due, to his very poor knowledge of technology and password protection.

The Clinton former campaign chair lost his mobile phone, fell for a phishing scam, and then went on to blame “Russian Hackers” for all of HRC’s problems.

The Duran has chronicled in many past posts how Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign manager John Podesta was personally responsible for having his entire email data compromised by hackers, in what was later re-packaged by the Clinton campaign staff as “Russian election meddling.”

See here…EXPOSED: John Podesta leaked the Podesta emails to Wikileaks,

here…Hillary hypocrisy: her campaign chairman John Podesta received $35 million from Russian government,

and here…Hillary Clinton’s connection to Russian banks exposed through Tony Podesta’s lobbying contracts.

 John Podesta, one of the most powerful men in Washington, had set up an email password choice that left his entire account easily open to hackers.

An example of Podesta’s password protection…

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