“March for Truth” held in American calling more investigations into fantasy Trump – Putin connection

Americans want truth from a Hillary Clinton lie.

Protesters rallied Saturday in nearly 130 U.S. cities to call for what they consider the need for more federal investigations into whether President Trump’s associates “colluded” with Russia during the 2016 presidential elections.

No one however is defining what exactly the collusion was that needs to be investigated.

Protestors are calling for more investigations in order to try and find some evidence of a Trump-Russia connection, which was the brainchild of a story concocted by the Hillary Clinton campaign to explain away her pathetic election results.

American protesters want more investigations into nothing…as we noted in previous post, “you can investigate just about anything if you don’t need evidence.”

Via Fox News

The rally in Washington on the National Mall washeld within blocks of a pro-Trump rally outside of the White House.

The sides reportedly clashed briefly at the pro-Trump “Pittsburgh Not Paris” rally but no major incidents so far have been reported.

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” Trump said Thursday in announcing that the United States would withdraw from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, in which industrial nations have agreed to limit greenhouses gases. “It is time to put Youngstown, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania … before Paris, France.”

Organizers for the “March for Truth” rallies Saturday say their objective is to “let our elected leaders know that Americans want answers.”

And they suggest the nationwide rallies are not part of the so-called “resist” Trump efforts, saying, “The legitimacy of our democracy is more important than the interests of any party, or any president.”

However, they also say their primary goals include getting an independent commission established for the Russia investigations, keeping the public as informed as possible and getting Congress to demand that Trump release his tax returns.

And sponsors include such liberal-leaning groups as Swing Left, Progressive Democrats of America and the National Organization for Women.

“Eventually, you wake up with a knot in your gut about what the president might do or say,” John Lovett, who was a speechwriter for former President Barack Obama, said at the Washington, D.C., rally. “We can take back the White House.”

NOW President Terry O’Neill told protestors: “The Trump administration is going after immigrants, and we won’t stand for it. I am up against implacable efforts to stop women from having access to health care.”

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June 5, 2017

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Suzanne Giraud
Suzanne Giraud
June 5, 2017

Soros 100%: Trump has already shared his Tax Returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Russia BS is already being handled by that guy recently appointed by the FBI. Forgive me for not searching out the ‘guy’s name – you know it anyways, 😉

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