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Manafort aims for pardon, as Michael Cohen gets played by Hillary’s lawyer (Video)

Much is being written and discussed on mainstream media with regards to the Paul Manafort verdict, and the Michael Cohen plea deal. MSNBC and CNN are crying impeachment every other second, while more measured and grounded analysts are unable to find how paying hush money to extortionists, from personal funds, affects Trump’s presidency in the slightest.

Perhaps this comment from Zerohedge sums it all up…


“Michael Cohen’s FAILURE TO REPORT A $130,000 hush money payment TO THE FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION”

That’s all folks.


1. It is not illegal to pay extortionists.

2. ANY money (campaign or personal) that is spent by a candidate to “influence” the election outcome must be reported.

Was the reason/intent for the Bimbo payment political or was it personal?

A. Did Trump pay to spare his family the embarrassment?

B. Did Trump pay because the revelation would have changed the election results?

If “A” then NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED and you can easily argue that “A” was a bigger motivator than “B”…Trump was already “Losing badly” in the polls…it was over for him…so he was just trying to spare his family further embarrassment.

There is no way the prosecution can prove Trump made the payment solely because he thought it would help him win…Trump has paid Bimbos before and this was really just a routine PERSONAL transaction for him to hide his scoundrel-ness from his wife and kids. Slimey, yes, but illegal no…and we ALL KNEW Trump was a pussy-grabbing son-of-a-bitch well before this payment and one more Bimbo payoff wouldn’t have changed anything; “Everyone knew” Hillary had it wrapped up.

If “B” then COHEN fucked up not reporting the payment for his client. If Trump instructed Cohen not to report, then Trump AND Cohen fucked up…impeachable offense…LOL…not even close….LONG legal precedent of just paying a fine.



What we’re seeing here is collusion between the:

MSM – Editors coordinating their papers to bring down Trump.

Social Media Companies – suppressing as many Rightwing voices as possible.

The Democrats and people within the government – piling on in anyway possible.

A coordinated, covert, “regime change” is in process America; the future of your country is in the balance.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the tale of two legal narratives. One man appears to be well served under his current legal representation, while the other man ratted out his former boss under the advice of a lawyer who has been part of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle for decades.

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September 5, 2018

Maybe the bimbo hooker Trump paid off looked like Putin’s hooker.
There must be collusion here some where.

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