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Mainstream media claims 272 YouTube followers pushed Russia’s agenda during US election

An account with 30 views per video flipped the election against Hillary.

The more this fiction drags on, the more desperate and ridiculous the mainstream media becomes…now forcing Silicon Valley to deliver laughable data points to try and provide some sort of Russia meddling smoking gun.

It’s a bit sad and a bit hilarious to see Goliaths like Google and Facebook play along with Hillary Clinton’s concocted “Russia did it” story to explain away her pathetic election loss.

The Gateway Pundit has this screenshot to show how several liberal outlets ran with this conspiracy.

Today’s conspiracy involved the shocking news that Russia was pushing their agenda on YouTube during the election.

The YouTube account they are screaming about has 272 subscribers.

And the account had a whopping 30 views per video.

This is the total crap the liberal mainstream media is pumping out on a daily basis!

Via investigative journalist Tim Pool.

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