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Logical America is pissed off at Deep State and Congress, for escalating war with Russia

Yesterday The Duran reported on Russian president Putin’s order to expel hundreds of U.S. “diplomats” (aka CIA agents) in response to Congress’s unwarranted sanctions on Russia.

The Duran noted

Russia’s expulsion of 755 personnel from US diplomatic missions in Russia is of an unprecedented scale in modern history and could deal a devastating blow to US intelligence and ‘democracy promotion’ operations in Russia.


That this is a heavy blow to the US is highlighted by one interesting fact.  It turns out that the number of personnel working at US embassies and consulates in Russia was almost three times greater than the number of personnel working at Russian embassies and consulates in the US.

That begs the question of what all these extra US personnel were doing there?   Perhaps US embassies and consulates are less efficient than Russian ones.  However I suspect that the Russians believe that many if not most of these extra people were actually engaged in intelligence gathering and “democracy promotion” activities.   If so then these have now suffered a heavy blow as a result of the Russian action, which explains Tefft’s concern.

AFP tweeted the news…

“755 US diplomats must leave Russia, President Putin announces.”

The Gateway Pundit reader comments (just from the first page of the over 190 comments) gives good insight into what conservative, logical, America thinks about the ridiculous US sanctions and “Russia election meddling” fake news.

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