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Lithuanian TV3 survey aimed at bashing Russian media, reveals that 82% of viewers believe Russia is telling the truth

Only a true idiot could possibly believe that Russia is moving closer to NATO and that Russia has invaded Ukraine.

Fort Russ blog reports…

Lithuanian TV station TV3 held a survey which aimed to discredit Russia, but the results were just the opposite.

The viewers were asked: “Do you see a growth in Russian propaganda in Lithuania?”.

The vast majority of viewers (82%) replied that “It is not propaganda. Russia is telling the truth”. 12% of viewers agreed with the channel. The others didn’t notice much at all.

These results even confused the news anchor Renata Shakalite-Yakovleva, who didn’t know how to comment on it, and quickly passed the word to a colleague. Then she finally said “technicians of the portal are very suspicious of the active response to the survey.”

The survey was timed with the statement of the Department of State Security of Lithuania that intelligence agencies are observing Russia’s increasing efforts to incite the information war.

Can you say disconnect between the population of an EU country and its government…that is beholden to Brussels warmongering and the US drive to plunge Europe into an all out war, while America happily sits on the sidelines, supplying arms and buying up assets in Europe on the cheap.


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