Alex @ TheDuran: The biggest winners and losers of the 2016 Presidential election

Historic, amazing, epic. I am speechless.

Trump defied all the odds in what is America’s repudiation of the criminal establishment that has run the country into the ground…and no one candidate better represented that established than Hillary Clinton, the Queen of corruption.

Trump became the 45th President of the United States with help from none of the usual players. Hillary Clinton lost in a landslide with massive help from all the usual players, and then some.

Here is my list of the big winners and the big losers from The Don’s big win.

Big Losers:

  • Hillary Clinton…she should be in prison not on the presidential stage. Lock her up, she is corrupt and everyone knows it, even her supporters.
  • John Podesta…he lost his smartphone in a taxi and fell for a phishing email link, which resulted in his emails getting hacked. Then he blamed Russia for his stupidity.
  • CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo…the big main stream media channels. They were all in the tank in a big way for Hillary. They were crying as the election results poured in.
  • Rachel Maddow, Megyn Kelly, George Stephanopoulos, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and all the other “journalists” who failed to do their job and went in big for Hillary. They got crushed!
  • Donna Brazile…she was exposed as a cheater, and a liar.
  • George Soros…he just lost his puppet and chief.
  • The DNC…they cheated Bernie Sanders of the win and now they lost big. They are the establishment that Trump needs to “drain.”
  • The RNC…they never supported Trump and now they will grovel at his feet. They too are part of the establishment that Trump needs to “drain.”
  • Robby Mook
  • Jennifer Palmieri
  • Everyone involved in the Clinton campaign, you supported a criminal warmonger for personal power and money.
  • The Young Turks…the new progressive media that tried to shame the world into not voting Trump. They too supported a warmonger criminal, and they got crushed.
  • Bill Maher…he hates Trump so much, he must be in tears by now. Trump’s victory shows how dumb the “smart” Bill Maher really is.
  • John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, and all the liberal comedians who are simple sheep with no original thought whatsoever.
  • Beyonce, Bruce, Jay Z, U2 and all the musicians who used their talents to support the Clinton crime family.
  • LeBron James…you own an NBA title, but you went on stage with the wicked witch of the world.
  • 99% of Hollywood…you created a stupid video to show how cool you are, and how the US public should vote for Hillary because rich, spoiled, and bratty celebs are voting Hillary. F*** You Hollywood.
  • Robert DeNiro…that is the 45th President of the United States you want to punch.
  • James Comey…you’re fired!
  • Loretta Lynch…you’re fired!
  • Paul Ryan…you’re fired!
  • ISIS…you’re toast.
  • Saudi Arabia and Qatar…you’re toast.
  • European Union…you’re history.
  • NATO…you’ve outlived your usefulness and purpose.
  • Huma Abedin and her Weiner…perverts and incompetents. May we never see this sick couple ever again.
  • FBI, DOJ, NSA…clean up your act, you’ve been corrupted by the Clinton mafia.
  • Neo-Liberals…may this be the end of your ideology and your wicked ways.
  • Neocons…may this be the end of your ideology and your wicked ways.
  • American exceptionalism…it was a dumb Obama, neo-liberal, Clinton tagline that had no merit.
  • President Barack Obama…you came out hard for Hillary, out of fear that her corruption will expose your corruption. Your legacy is forever tarnished.

Big Winners:

  • Social Media…you gave Trump an outlet when mainstream media would not.
  • Twitter…you are infested with SJWs, but Trump found a way to get his message through.
  • InfoWars…alway had Trump’s back
  • The Drudge Report…reported the news when others refused.
  • Wikileaks…did the job of the journalists.
  • Zerohedge…writers and commenters on the popular news site warned the world of Hillary’s evil.
  • Fox News…the only big media channel not completely in the tank with Hillary.
  • Julian Assange…release him now.
  • The FBI and NSA that did not follow DOJ orders and refused to stand down, leaking what needed to be leaked about Hillary Clinton’s crimes.
  • Hannity…like him or not, he called the Trump win.
  • Scott Adams…the Dilbert creator has the election, and the American psyche pegged.
  • Bernie Sanders supporters…you got cheated by cheating Hillary, but karma is on your side.
  • BREXIT…you started it all.
  • The Trump family…you stood by your father’s side and worked hard for his victory.
  • Donald Trump…you did the impossible against the unbeatable Clinton machine, against the DNC, against the RNC, against CNN, NYT, all of the media, against Social Justice Warriors, against all odds and you became the 45th President.
  • America…you have a great opportunity to become great again. Stop the illegal wars, focus on your citizens, your values, your innovation and kindness and you will become the light on the shining hill once again.
  • The Duran team…VR, VZ, PL, AM, AC, AG, SG and all the writers and contributors who gave readers a realpolitik view of the US elections.
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BREAKDOWN: Biggest Winners and Losers of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

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