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Liberal Media and Hillary Clinton Upset Donald Trump Wants Friendly Relations With Russia (VIDEO)

God forbid the United States actually works together with Russia to defeat ISIS.

God forbid the United States actually works to build friendly relations with Russia so as to avoid a nuclear conflict.

God forbid that the United States actually makes NATO free loader countries actually take responsibility for their defense and pay the actual 2% of their budget to the alliance.

And God forbid Americans are actually exposed to how Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party pulled a fast one on all Bernie voters, in what has ben proven without a shadow of a doubt to be a completely rigged primary vote.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, how in God’s name will the United States ever lecture a country on democracy?

How in God’s name will the United States ever lecture another country on corruption?

Do the neocons and neo-liberal warmongers understand that with Hillary at the helm, their regime change policy will now need a whole new set of excuses because the standard “we are bringing democracy” or “we are removing a corrupt dictator” will be impossible to justify given that the President of the United States will be a corrupt, undemocratically elected leader.

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