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Liberal left NGO, angry with Trump’s executive order, argues US is “not responsible for the crisis in Syria”

Tucker Carlson takes on Mark Hetfield who is the CEO and President of Hias, a group which advocates for the open entry of refugees into the United States…why? Because his organization gets US taxpayer money per refugee admitted. Always follow the money.

Hetfield is completely clueless in his argument for allowing refugees to openly flow into the USA, at one point stating that…

“We [USA] are not responsible for the crisis in Syria.”

I would suggest Mr. Hetfield rethink that position, which seems to ignore the Obama Administrations “Assad must go” foreign policy mantra, and the US guns and ISIS trained fighters that poured into Syria in an effort to fulfill that very mantra.

Carlson asked Hetfield, “what are the rules for admitting refugees?”  Carlson then challenges Hetfield to answer if US citizens “have a right to be concerned, or are they just bigots” for asking questions on which refugees to admit into the United States.

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