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Liberal left globalists move to destroy liberal left champion Jill Stein (Video)

Russia Hysteria’s New Target: Jill Stein

Jill Stein is the next piece of the “blame everyone for Hillary’s loss” puzzle to be put into play.

Why target liberal champion Jill Stein?

The goal of the Clinton, globalist mafia is make the point that if Stein’s votes in Wisconsin and Michigan all went to Hillary Clinton, and not her Green Party, then Hillary Clinton would have won the election.

Looking further ahead, Democrats and the liberal left powers are going to work to defame Stein and discredit the Green party, so as to prevent any voters, who lean Democrat, from casting their ballot for a left leaning third party, like the Green Party.

Tucker Carlson makes this accurate point on Russia hysteria…

“Nobody in the media has noticed that this is a terrifying witch-hunt that’s gotten so ludicrous, it’s sweeping up Jill Stein as a secret Russian agent.”

Yesterday The Duran reported that in a last ditch effort to continue Mueller’s costly investigation into ‘Russian collusion’ and squeeze millions of dollars more from the US taxpayers, Senator Richard Burr (R-N.C.) told reporters Monday that the Senate Intelligence Committee has “two other campaigns that we’re just starting on,” in addition to the panel’s ongoing probe of alleged ties between the Trump administration and Kremlin officials.

That individual they are now looking into was then-Green Party candidate for President, Jill Stein – someone who has or has never had ties to Trump or his campaign.

So now the investigation is spiraling out of control, attempting to accuse Jill Stein of ‘Russian collusion’. Investigators will undoubtedly try to prove Stein’s ‘collusion’ by pointing to a dinner she attended in Moscow in December 2015, where she sat across from Vladimir Putin – where no evidence has been provided that she even spoke to the Russian President or that he himself even glanced in her direction.

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