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Leaked documents show that Fusion GPS colluded with anti-Trump media

Leaked documents show that Fusion GPS colluded with anti-Trump media

Yesterday Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein made an unprecedented move by unilaterally releasing the entire transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s testimony to the US Senate.

Fallout over the released, highly redacted document started within hours as Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen filed a pair of lawsuits on Tuesday against Buzzfeed and Fusion GPS.

Now revelations from the leaked Fusion GPS transcripts show that Fusion co-founder Glenn Simpson colluded with the liberal media to damage POTUS Trump.

The Gateway Pundit reports that during the closed door, Congressional testimony, Simpson admitted he colluded with the liberal mainstream media.

Question: Does part of Fusion GPS’s business involve attempting to have media outlets publish articles that further the interests of your clients?

Fusion GPS: Yeah, you could — I mean, generally speaking, we are — genereally we tend to respond to inquiries more than try to push things, but, you know, we work with the press frequently.

Question: And has Fusion GPS ever provided information to journalists in order to encourage them to publish articles or air stories that further your client’s interests?

Fusion GPS: Yes.

Simpson admitted in November, during the testimony to Congress, that he never verified the claims made in the “dossier” before leaking the document to his liberal mainstream media handlers.

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