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Last gasp EU money grab. Jean-Claude Juncker presses for creation of EU army after Trump victory

Now that Trump shocked the world with his US election victory, all of globalist Europe is running scared.

Tusk, Juncker, Merkel, Hollande and all the unelected Brussels oligarchs see the writing on the wall. These “leaders” are on borrowed time, and much like Cameron, Obama, and Hillary, they are on their way out.

This can only mean one thing for the kleptocrats of Europe…steal as much as possible before the EU revolt takes hold.  What better way to suck money from the tit of society than through bloated military expenditures.

Cue, the EU army.

RT reports

Europe should build its own army and not rely on security guarantees from Washington, the European Commission president said following the election of Donald Trump. At the same time, Jean-Claude Juncker called for the preservation of the transatlantic partnership.

The EU ministers are expected to meet in Brussels on Monday to discuss plans to strengthen the EU military cooperation and capabilities. Proposals to be discussed at the meeting include increasing European spending on military missions, jointly developing military assets such and building stronger defenses against cyberattacks.

Speaking in Berlin, as he reflected on the imminent Trump presidency, Juncker said that “regardless” of who is the US president, the EU and the US must work together, but…“We [EU] need more security in Europe, and I do not mean just the anti-terror fight.”

Juncker went on to introduce his vision for an EU army in the not so distant future…

“We [US and EU] have to work hard to keep this transatlantic relationship in order.”

“We remain to be partners, the world needs a close relationship between the United States and the European continent.”

“Talking about security we need a different way of organizing a European defense…the French National Assembly in 1954 prevented the European community of defense.”

“We need it now. The idea that the Americans will eternally see to…European security is not true. Independent of the outcome of the US election, the Americans will not see to Europe’s security forever. We have to do it ourselves. And this is why we need a new approach to the European community of defense, including a European army.”

Juncker alluded to a more centralized Europe, but also pulled back from formerly announcing his desire to created an United States of Europe.

Juncker understands that Trumps nationalist movement, and the recent Brexit vote, point to a populace that is weary of unions, and in favor of a return to the nation state. Juncker toned down his previous calls for a Europe completly ruled by Brussels…

“If we want to have some influence in the world. if we want to continue to exists, to prevail, then the European countries have to work really closely.”

“We also have to come to a new description of the cooperation on this continent. When I was young I was also enthused about the United States of Europe. We should not do this. Our people do not want to experience the United States of Europe. We should not give the expression of the EU being on the way to becoming the United Union. I cannot imagine Europe becoming a melting pot where you do not recognize nations.”

On Monday, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen called on Brussels to increase its military capabilities in the face of fictitious Russian aggression…

“We have seen an enormous modernization drive by NATO over the past three years because of the Kremlin’s behavior.”

“That was correct and important, but I believe that we must invest at least the same energy in…[the] modernization of European security and [a] defense union.”

After Trump won the US elections, von der Leyen called on President elect Trump to voice his assurances to NATO’s needless existance…

“Of course we Europeans, as a NATO ally, know that if Donald Trump becomes president, he’ll ask: What are you contributing to this alliance?” 

“But we’re also wondering, what’s your position on this alliance?”

“There are many questions yet to be answered.”

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