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LANGUAGE WARNING: CNN’s Fareed Zakaria goes on profanity “bullsh******” tirade against President Trump

CNN calling someone out for “bullshi******”.

This is the same network that sold the fake news Iraq WMD war.
The same network that sold the Libya war.
The same network that sold the fake news Assad uses barrel bombs lie.
The same network that had Hillary Clinton a 98% shoe in to with the US elections.
The same network pushing the Russian election hack fake news.

Ok CNN…Trump is the bullsh***er.

“CNN Tonight” host Fareed Zakaria lost his mind, clearly infected with a heavy case of Tump Derangement Syndrome, as he went on Don Lemon’s show to proclaim the US President as the master of “bullshitting.”

Fareed Zakaria is not a biased, in the Hillary tank, neo-liberal poodle of a journalist…

“I think the president is somewhat indifferent to things that are true or false. He has spent his whole life bullshi******. He has succeeded by bullshi******. He has gotten the presidency by bullshi******. It’s very hard to tell somebody at that point that bullshit doesn’t work because look at results. Right?

But that’s what he does. He sees something he doesn’t particularly care if it’s true or not. Just puts it out there and then he puts something else out. Notice again at the press conference, when pushed on it, does take responsibility. ‘I wasn’t saying that just quoting somebody else.’

When you have the White House press secretary quote somebody to prove a point, you’re endorsing that view.”

Another CNN Trump hater, Don Lemon, was even left speechless at Zakaria meltdown.

CNN calling Trump a liar. The liberal left continues to disintegrate right before our very eyes.

Conservative activist Mark Dice caught the rant and set the record straight…

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