LA artist uses creative street art to tell Hollywood celebs to start packing for Canada after Trump win

The Duran recently ran a post which had a comprehensive list of all the Hollywood celebrities who promised to leave the United States should Donald Trump win the US elections.

We even suggested 5 countries where the celebrities might feel more at home.

LA conservative street artist, SABO was gracious enough to begin putting the Hollywood celeb’s homes up for auction.

“I swear to God, you give these people a platform and they bash you over the head with it every time.”

“Half of Hollywood is moving to Canada if Trump is elected. Not much of a threat when you consider so much of the movie industry has already made their exodus in that direction due to the socialistic mess they’ve made of California.”

“And by the way, why the hell aren’t these people moving to Mexico?”

“Too many short, brown people for their liking down there? Not white enough? I created these mock Sotheby’s bench advertisements to help them along their way, letting people know their homes are on the market.”

Via The Hollywood Reporter

Cher, Jon Stewart, Lena Dunham and other celebrities who have promised to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected president were lampooned Sunday on fake billboards that are sure to get a rise out of a real estate agency that is very popular with the rich and famous.

Some of the ads feature an image of Trump as a realtor on one side while on the other side is a picture of one of the offending celebrities. “Moving to Canada election day sale: For sales information contact Sotheby’s agent Donald Trump,” reads the text.

There’s also a phone number and a website,, which prolific street artist Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter stands for: “Get the f— out of here today.” (The plan is for satirical content at the website while the phone number is actually to a Beverly Hills art gallery that is temporarily closed).

The faux advertisements were plastered all over bus-stop benches in Pacific Palisades, Brentwood and Beverly Hills. The ads also appeared on yard signs one would typically see in front of homes that are for sale. All of the false ads that were peppered throughout some of the fanciest portions of Los Angeles on Sunday are based on real ones from Sotheby’s International Realty.

Other celebrities featured in the fake ads include Samuel L. Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Stephen King, Bryan Cranston and Neve Campbell.

The art from SABO via his Facebook page.







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