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Kremlin says Clinton’s involvement in Skolkovo Innovation Center was “good” and “welcomed”

A few days ago, The Duran highlighted Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy on the entire ‘Putin-Trump’ diversion tactic away from her Democratic primary election rigging, when Hillary’s very own campaign chairman John Podesta was outed as having been on the “Kremlin” payroll via oil company Joule Unlimited in Russia’s Skolkovo Innovation Center.

Never mind the fact the Bill Clinton has also been on the receiving end of $500,00 in “Kremlin” speaking fees from Renaissance Capital, one of Russia’s largest investment banks.

Throughout all the Clinton manufactured spin on Trump and Putin, the other party to this ridiculous narrative, Russia, has remained totally calm and quiet. This of course is to be expected from a Russian leadership that consists of professional diplomats and realpolitik statesmen.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did comment a bit on the John Podesta-Skolkovo investment…

“No, I cannot comment anyhow on this and do not assess it. If it was, it was good. It is a well-known and world-renowned School of Skolkovo, so, undoubtedly, Skolkovo has a large number of international contacts. And if there are (contacts) with the United States as well on the Skolkovo line, it is to be welcomed.”

Peskov added that he had no information on the kind of support allegedly provided by Clinton and her office at that time.

Sputnik News reports further on the Kremlin’s silence, which we can only imagine Clinton’s team will spin into clear evidence that Vladimir Putin controls Trump and holds the entire fate of the US in the palm of his hands.

On July 31, The Wall Street Journal reported that US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Clinton, while serving as the 67th secretary of state, was attracting US investment in the Russian Skolkovo Innovation Center, a move that might “have substantially undermined U.S. national security.”

During Clinton’s tenure, the US State Department promoted the establishment and development of the Russian version of Silicon Valley.


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