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Kerry Is Heading To Moscow. Putin Regrets US Refusal To Cooperate on Fighting Terrorism

How many times have we been down this road?

The US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia provide weapons, cash and training to ISIS/Al Qaeda, “moderate, friendly rebels” in Syria.

Russia, Iran, and the legal, internationally recognized Syrian army pound ISIS/Al Qaeda the “moderate, friendly rebels” into the ground.

Barack Obama sends John Kerry to Moscow to offer some sort of cooperation/ceasefire.

Moscow accepts, as it’s ultimate goal is to keep Syria whole, and rid the country of ISIS/Al Nusra/Al Qaeda terrorists.

The US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia use the lull in fighting, from the agreed upon ceasefire, to re-arm, re-fund and re-train to ISIS/Al Qaeda, “moderate, friendly rebels” in Syria.

Russia, Iran, and the legal, internationally recognized Syrian army pound ISIS/Al Qaeda the “moderate, friendly rebels” into the ground.

Rinse and repeat…

Here comes Kerry to Moscow, again.

The Kremlin, this time, is refusing to comment on reports that Washington is ready to set up a joint HQ to “synchronize” airstrikes in Syria.

What has Vladimir Putin been saying all this time…‘join forces to defeat ISIS/Al Nusra/Al Qaeda.’

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters…

“I’d like to remind you of the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has always said that Moscow believes an efficient fight against terrorism in Syria and beyond is only possible through collaborative effort.”

“Putin has regretted, on numerous occasions, that our American partners have turned down such cooperation.” 

The source of the latest (poison?) olive branch about to be offered to Moscow is a document obtained (i.e. leaked) by the Washington Post, reportedly drafted by the US ahead of Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Moscow.

RT reports….

The leaked paper discussed setting up a joint Russian-American coordination center outside Amman, Jordan, to share intelligence on Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Nusra Front, as well as to conduct “independent but synchronized” airstrikes on terrorists.

The Kremlin has refused to comment on the Washington Post report so far, saying it is waiting for the proposal to come through official channels.

[Kremlin spokesman Dmitry] Peskov said a meeting between President Putin and Secretary Kerry is expected to take place immediately after the US official’s arrival, while a meeting with Lavrov is scheduled for Friday.

“We’ll be able to speak of something after learning it from the primary source, not media reports,” Peskov concluded.

RT has more insight on the report obtained by the Washington Post,

The plan, if approved, would see unusually deep military-to-military ties for the two nations amid uneasy relations.

The draft proposal was obtained by the Washington Post and published ahead of a planned meeting between US State Secretary John Kerry with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow. Judging by the leaked content, the proposal goes far beyond recent agreements between the US and Russia on flight safety during two countries’ air operations over Syria.

The leaked proposal describes a unified command-and-control structure, called the Joint Implementation Group (JIC), to be installed outside the Jordanian capital, Amman.

“Subject matter experts and professionals with expertise in intelligence, targeting and air operations” would be among the JIC staff, with a Russian and an American colonels “or civilian employees of equivalent ranks” acting as senior officers on either side.

The initial objective of JIC operation, the paper goes on, is “to maximize independent, but synchronized, efforts” against IS and Al-Nusra Front terrorists in Syria. If everything goes as planned, Russian and US militaries may “permit integrated operations” that include assisting each other in air raids, according to the Washington Post.

“We do not collaborate or coordinate our operation with the Russians,” DoD spokesman Matthew Allen told Russia’s Sputnik website, claiming Moscow’s support to Syrian President Bashar Assad “is like pouring fuel on a fire.”

This time, however, the draft proposal says “Russia can use airpower in defense of Syrian government forces in the event of attack by [Al-Nusra Front] … if agreed in advance with the United States.”

In turn, “the Syrian military can employ military action, including air activities, against the Nusra Front outside of designated areas if Nusra acquires territory there.”

Notably, Syrian Air Force would be prohibited from operating in “designated areas” except flying medevac, humanitarian and personnel recovery missions, while Russia would be obliged to report “all regime air operations” to the JIC.

The ultimate goal of the proposal is said to be a “durable national ceasefire” in Syria, leading to a political transition.

A US government source later confirmed the authenticity of the proposal to TASS, saying that Washington intends to “continue to discuss these issues with Russia.” Another US government source also did not deny the draft’s authenticity but refused to comment on the “details of the documents that have not yet been approved or agreed upon.”


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