Karma in action. Red Dalia book sent to all E.U. MPs. Exposes Lithuania’s President as a women with “no principles.” Family ties to Stalin secret police

What goes around comes around.

Lithuania’s President, Dalia Grybauskaitė has been a busy little bee these past six months, bad mouthing everything Russian, and outright calling the Russian Federation a “terrorist” state.

On September 24th, in an interview she gave to the always balanced [sarc.] Washington Post, Ms. Grybauskaitė said that Russia is allowed by…

“Europe and the world …to be a country that is not only threatening its neighbours but is also organising a war against its neighbours [Ukraine and other states, unspecified by her]. It is the same international terrorism as we have in Iraq and Syria…There is no leadership in Europe or in the world able to stop Putin.”

To the direct question by the Washington Post reporter…

“So you think both ISIS and Russia are terrorists?” Grybauskaitė lady answered, “Yes. I think that Russia is terrorising its neighbours and using terrorist methods.”

One month later in an interview with Lithuanian TV and Radio (LTR) she went further and flat out called Russia a “terrorist state.”

Grybauskaitė was not done. In another interview to the BBC, Lithuanian President said that, “Russia demonstrates the qualities of a terrorist state,” and added that until Russia has changed its bullying behaviour, she will not have any desire to speak with the head of Russia.

And while we are sure Putin is heart broken that President Grybauskaitė refuses to talk to him, the Russian Ministry was kind enough to warn Grybauskaitė to practice a bit of diplomacy and restraint, because we all know what happens when you throw stones inside of a glass house.

The Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs suggested that the hostile rhetoric by the Lithuanian president had been caused by Ms. Grybauskaitė’s “complexes about her Soviet past” and recommended that she “temper her Komsomol fervor.”

Komsomol was a Young Communist League of the USSR…A political organisation for the Soviet Communist youth, for which Grybauskaitė was an active member up until the collapse of the USSR.

Karma eventually stepped in and exposed Ms. Grybauskaitė for the hypocrite she is.

Via New York Observer:

On the evening of December 9th, all 751 members of the European Parliament found in their mailboxes an unusual gift—a copy of a book by the Lithuanian journalist Ruta Yanutene titled Red Dalia, an unauthorized, highly critical investigative biography of Dalia Grybauskaitė. According to the Lithuanian news service DELFI, nobody knows where it was published and who translated it into English. Nobody knows who paid for all of this and who delivered the books to Brussels and put the copies into the MEP’s mailboxes. Only a limited number of people with special permission—members of the EP or their staffs—had access to them.

Most probably, it was first secretly delivered by car into the EP’s inner garage by some parliamentarian and from there distributed into the mailboxes.

Some days later, with unprecedented speed, the English-language version of the book became available online.

Now that the english translation of Red Dalia was in the hands of E.U. MPs, all of Brussels, and all the world was finally introduced to the opportunistic, trash talking President Grybauskaitė.

From the New York Observer:

In Red Dalia, Ms Grybauskaitė is portrayed as an unscrupulous careerist with no principles, no friends, and no family, a woman for whom power is everything and ideology plays a second role. According to the book, she was born in 1956 in the family of an employee of NKVD (Stalin’s secret police), and joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union at the age of 27 after graduating from the prestigious Leningrad State University in the faculty of “political economy.”

In 1983, she returned to Lithuanian Socialist republic to work for Vilnius High Communist Party School, teaching “political economy of socialism” to ambitious Communist careerists until 1990. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, she decided it was time for a fresh coat of paint on “Red Dalia.” In the book she is depicted as a heartless person, and an ideological turncoat, to whom the old methods from the Communist past—purges, intimidations, surveillance, censorship—are fair game.

Stalin family roots. Communist party employment history. Now all of sudden a quick 180 to be a champion of democracy and neo-liberal values….Ms. Grybauskaitė who are you trying to fool.

As if Red Dalia’s english publication was not enough karma for Ms. Grybauskaitė, we have this nice little tweet exposing the three European countries that took part in housing CIA’s terror camps. Yes, that little violet dot is Lithuania.

So who is the terrorist state again?



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