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Julian Assange meets Congressional Trump ally–remains tight lipped

The meeting comes as Trump flaunts his ability to invoke Presidential pardons.

On Tuesday, US Congressman from California, Dana Rohrabacher had a private meeting with Julian Assange at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Rohrabacher is known as a strong Trump supporter and something of a foreign policy maverick who was once in the running to be Trump’s Secretary of State.

On the one hand Rohrabacher has deeply regretted his vote for the Iraq war and has publicly atoned for it on many occasions. He also has been generally supportive of Syria in its fight against Salafist terrorism and has big a stalwart advocate for better Russia-US relations.

On the other hand Roharbacher is extremely hostile to Russia’s partners and historic allies, China, Iran and Serbia,respectively.

Rohrabacher’s position on Julian Assange and Wikileaks appears to be at least more sympathetic than many of his Washington peers who at various times have called for Assange’s extra-legal execution.

Rohrabacher confirmed that after speaking with Assange, it was clear that Russia had no role in leaking the infamous DNC emails which further destroyed Hillary Clinton’s credibility as an honest and competent would-be leader.

Julian Assange has refused to divulge any information on the meeting and sent out the following Tweet protesting against such speculation.

I do not speak to the public through third parties. Only unmediated statements coming directly from me can be considered authoritative.

While CIA Director Mike Pompeo as well as embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions have both taken a hard and at times awkwardly antagonistic line against Assange, Donald Trump has recently spoken a great deal of his power to invoke Presidential pardons.

It is still far too early to speculate whether Donald Trump’s views on Assange made override the apparent lingering hatred towards Assange which continues to be articulated by the US Department of Justice as well as the CIA, but it suffices to say that anything now seems possible, although certainly nothing at this time is concrete nor imminent.

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