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Julian Assange tells Megyn Kelly, ‘Hillary Clinton is in bed with neocons, Trump is no Russian agent’

This is part two of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interview with Julian Assange. You can find part one here.

Assange discusses how connected Seth Rich’s death is to the Wikileaks DNC email leak…but most notably, Assange warns Megyn Kelly about Clinton’s constant Russia warmongering…

“I would like to believe that -no organization- no media organization in the United States, would not have published the DNC emails. But I don’t think thats true actually.

I think MSNBC wouldn’t have published them. I think the New York Times wouldn’t have published most of them. And that’s sad. It says incredible politicisation in this election of the media.

And it is a bit concerning, the allegations, -that- by the Clinton campaign, that everyone is a Russian agent, are really disturbing. Why is that?

Well because, bizarrely, Hillary Clinton the Democrat, has -become- has positioned herself now to be the security candidate. She’s palled up with the neocons responsible for the Iraq war. And she’s grabbed on to this kind of neo-McCarthyist hysteria about Russia, and is using that to demonize the Trump campaign.

The Trump campaign has all sorts of things wrong with it, but as far as we can see, being Russian agents is not one of them.”

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