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Julian Assange claims Hillary Clinton campaign is attacking Wikileaks servers

Hillary Clinton has spent the better part of her presidential campaign claiming Wikileaks and Russian hackers are attacking her private servers and that of the DNC.

While the claim is ridiculous, and has not been corroborated with any evidence whatsoever, it now appears as though Clinton may be guilty of doing the very thing that she is accusing Wikileaks for.

Speaking via telephone at the CISL2016 conference, Julian Assange made the claim that the Hillary Clinton campaign has attacked servers being used by WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange told conference attendees that the daily Wikileaks release “whipped up a crazed hornet’s nest atmosphere in the Hillary Clinton campaign” leading them to attack WikiLeaks servers.

Assange noted…

“They attacked our servers and attempted hacking attacks and there is an amazing ongoing campaign where state documents were put in the UN and British courts to accuse me of being both a Russian spy and a pedophile.”

Make no doubt, Assange views this as a true information war he is determined to win…

“Everyday that you publish is a day that you have the initiative in the conflict.”

Assange went on to attack American main stream media networks, who he accused of being “controlled by Clinton supporters”…and the many journalists and people working in the media are predominantly middle class and view Trump as “white trash.”

Assange also said that the Podesta emails will surprisingly make no difference to the US election results, thanks to a media mafia under the control of Hillary Clinton…

“I don’t think there’s any chance of Donald Trump winning the election, even with the amazing material we are publishing, because most of the media organizations are strongly aligned with Hillary Clinton.”

RT reports further on Assange’s telephone appearance and the recent decision by the Ecuador embassy to shut off Assange’s internet access…

Ecuador’s decision to shut down his internet was described by Assange as a “strategic position” so that its “policy of non-intervention can’t be misinterpreted by actors in the US and even domestically in Ecuador.”

He said he was sympathetic with Ecuador, insisting they face the dilemma of having the US interfere with their elections next year if they appear to interfere with the US elections next month.

Assange, who claimed the embassy will be without internet until the election is over to avoid accusations of interference, said he did not agree with Ecuador’s decision but did understand it. WikiLeaks will not be affected by the decision as they do not publish from Ecuador, he said.

He did, however, reject the idea that WikiLeaks is interfering with the US election, claiming, “this is not the interference of electoral process, this is the definition of electoral process – for media organizations and, in fact, everyone to publish the truth and their opinion about what is occurring. It cannot be a free and informed election unless people are free to inform.”


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